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About the program

Foundation Dance Productions offers  dancers and their families an affordable, high-quality, creative, fun and entertaining dance experience instructed by a qualified, professional dancer and choreographer.  This unique  program structure allows opportunities to strengthen not only their dance technique and performance, but  also builds  character, confidence, and work ethic through team work and inclusivity in a nurturing environment.  


As the owner/director of Foundation Dance Productions, Renee brings her professional performing experiences along with a creative imagination to the dance studio.  She has an impressive resume spanning over 16 years dancing and singing in major production shows along the famous Las Vegas strip.  Renee has taught and choreographed award-winning competition pieces across the country for over 25 years and her background in the entertainment capital of the world resonates throughout her work.  Renee’s teaching style and  imaginative choreography captures the hearts of audiences, providing a visually entertaining story told through the art of dance.  

“I believe in teaching my dancers to find the joy in every story.  You can find the light if you know where to look, or  perhaps it’s your role to shine the light for others.” 

 Tuition rates 

1 class/week (non-competitive program)


-one class/week
choose from combo (ballet, jazz and tap all in one class), preschool combo (ages 3-5), hip hop, Poms,  tap, and technique classes

pre-register to learn about class schedules and availability. 
Dancers may attend more than one class a week for a discounted rate.


 2 classes/week  Entry level package $70/month

-One technique class/week
       -1 team class
 -Foundation Dance Force included at no extra charge

ages 5-18, all levels welcome.
Competitive dancers will automatically be placed in the AWARD-WINNING production team as well as placement onto a small group team determined  by age and experience level.

**pre-register to receive  information about joining our competitive team program. 

3 classes/week


-3 classes/week

dancers will take one technique  class along with 2 other team classes/week.
Production team class is included at no extra charge.

4 classes/week


-4 classes/week

Dancers will attend at least one technique class and 3 other classes/week.         

5 + classes/week


-5 or more classes/week

Dancers will take at least one technique class as well as 4 or more classes/week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Simply click on  "contact us"  or send an email to [email protected] and state your dancers name, age, and previous experience if applicable.  FDP will then send you class offerings.  New students may attend a class before making any monthly payments. 

Is participation in competitions required?

FDP students are NOT required to compete and may opt to take class only and participate in our amazing annual recital held in July.

Will FDP hold a recital?

YES!! I am proud to announce our annual recital will take place every July.  Participation is optional.

My child is involved in other activities.  Can we still enroll in your program?

FDP recognizes and appreciates the benefits of engaging in multiple activities and with prior knowledge of other commitments, FDP is often able to work with busy schedules.   While attendance at scheduled competitions IS MANDATORY, an arrangement can be made that allows dancers to remain in the piece  during the rehearsal period if they need to miss rehearsals due to other activities.   Such arrangements may include removal from some sections of a piece or altered spacing placements to eliminate confusion among teammates.  This arrangement still allows the dancer to participate with minimal disruption to fellow teammates. 

What other costs are involved besides monthly tuition?

-For competitive dancers:
There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $30 per family for the year.  This is collected in September.

 -Each dancer will need to purchase one costume/prop for each TEAM class per year.

-New dancers will need to purchase a team jacket.
-Competition fees are set by the individual competition companies and exact cost for each entry fee  will be disclosed by email once all 3 events have been chosen.  

For non-competitive classes:

-dancers will need their own proper dance shoes for class.

My child is on the waitlist. What is the typical wait time? 

FDP is ALWAYS accepting new students.  As soon as enough students are pre-registered, FDP will be able to create another class to accommodate new students.  There is no cost to pre-register. To Pre-register, please click on "contact me" and fill out the form with your requests. 

Additional teams may be added as well when needed.

Will I get to choose the team(s) for my dancer?

 FDP will create teams according to age and artistic visions.  FDP strives to create teams that will benefit the growth of each dancer with the best of intentions.  FDP will offer these team options to your dancer and you may choose to accept or decline any group team offers.  

Do you offer refunds if my child decides dance class isn't for them?

FDP offers any new student an opportunity to attend a class before making the monthly payment.   If you choose to enroll, you will be billed for the monthly amount (pro-rated from start date).  Because of this offer, refunds will not be offered.  In the event your child needs to withdraw from classes, 30 day notification is required to avoid monthly tuition billed to your account.

I am concerned about inappropriate music and costumes.  What steps are taken to avoid these concerns?

FDP takes great pride in selecting music and costuming that is age-appropriate. Music with concerning  or suggestive lyrics will be edited or not used during class or in competitive pieces.  Costuming will be carefully selected to fit the artistic vision of the piece while keeping the dancer's confidence in mind.  

Will my bill be pro-rated due to missed classes

Your monthly tuition holds your dancer's spot in class.  FDP is unable to pro-rate tuition if your dancer is unable to attend class for any reason.   In the event FDP needs to cancel class, a make-up class will be offered.  

If  available, your dancer MAY be offered the opportunity to attend a make up class.

Are FDP dancers allowed to take classes at other studios?

Yes, FDP dancers may take dance classes elsewhere to enhance their dance education, however, FDP dancers may NOT compete with another studio and must be present for FDP rehearsals.  

Will my child need to audition to be a part of the program?

FDP believes all children should be granted access to a quality dance education and experience, therefore, no audition is required to join our family.  New students will be assessed during foundation technique classes for consideration onto a competitive dance team.  Occasional auditions may occur when small group sizes limit the amount of dancers and there is a  greater interest than open positions within that group.  FDP realizes that auditions are a part of life in the arts and will incorporate auditioning skills into technique classes to help students prepare for audition settings.

Will FDP offer solo instruction?

yes, FDP will work to  accommodate those requesting private instruction and rehearsal arrangements will be made on an individual basis.  Those wishing to compete a solo/duo/trio for competition must submit a request by email. 

What dance shoes and attire will my dancer require?

Preschool  dancers will need pink ballet slippers and tap shoes.

competitive jazz and lyrical team dancers will need tan jazz shoes.

 SR dancers may be asked to purchase tan heels.  

Tap shoes are required for all tap classes. 

Hip hop classes will need non-marking sneakers.  

What is a combo class?

Combo classes are designed for beginner/intermediate students ages 3 and up with instruction in ballet, jazz and tap.  Classes will focus on beginning ballet positions and terminology as well as movement to fun, engaging music.  

Female dancers will need to wear dance attire (tights and leotard, or leggings and sports top) with hair pulled back. 
Male dancers may wear sweatpants or shorts and tee shirt.
All dancers will need either ballet slippers or tan jazz shoes AND tap shoes. (sneakers may be worn temporarily)


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